Benefits of Ezelogs Technology / Product Integration

  • Unified Platform: Combine multiple tools into one central hub, enhancing efficiency. Advanced Integrations: Harness the power of leading third-party apps to boost your project's potential.
  • Efficient Workflow: Less manual data entry and more automated processes, saving time and reducing errors.

Key Features and Integrations

  • Employee Module: Centralized management of employee details, assignments, and roles.

    Employee/Worker User Login Personalized user access for all project participants, ensuring data privacy and role-based access.

    Document Management Easily upload and manage essential employee documents.

    HR Management Oversee all human resources activities, from leave requests to performance reviews.

    Resume Management Keep track of all employee resumes and qualifications.

    Hiring/Job portal Streamline recruitment processes with a built-in job portal.

    Meeting/Calendar/Communication: Organize meetings, set reminders, and ensure clear communication throughout your project.

    Trainings Schedule, manage, and track employee trainings to ensure your team is always up-to-date.

    Email Reports: Easily distribute key insights and updates to stakeholders and team members through automated email reports.

Our commitment to embracing emerging technologies means you can incorporate tools like BIM, blockchain, IoT, and more, offering you a competitive edge.
Ezelogs is not just a software; it's a technological ecosystem tailored for the construction industry.