Better Communication

In the construction area, differing site conditions, issues and accidents can happen anytime. What if something happens on the ground and requires immediate action? Using Ezelog Construction Management Software, supervisors can send an alert directly to the office reporting unexpected changes or events. In this way, any errors or deficiencies can be resolved promptly. In daily work, Ezelog Construction Management Software can be used to send reports containing day to day site conditions to all project stakeholders or generate an RFI by attaching photos, videos or marked copies of sketches. Home office to field office and supervisors to workers can be communicated through texts or emails daily for effective planning and minimizing phone calls.

Monitoring Optimization

Getting information in real-time makes a big difference in the construction industry, where companies always have multiple projects running simultaneously. Their tasks generally involve many types of equipment, employees and materials, and managers often do not know what is happening or have lost track of the equipment and tools. Ezelog Construction Management Software allows you to be aware of everything. Equipment is one of the main assets of any construction company, and thanks to Ezelog Construction Management Software solutions, its use is much easier to track and manage. By recording the hours the equipment is used and keeping track of its locations daily, you could improve your planning and use. This thereby optimizes and helps in resources management.

More Efficient Field Staff Management

Ezelog Construction Management Software enables you to track daily activities to streamline collaboration between field and office teams. The software can help keep track of all the different tasks and control work and all kinds of activities in the form of cost codes. Improving accountability not only increases efficiency; it also reduces costs. Ezelog Construction Management Software can help companies improve performance and reduce labour costs. Supervisors can send their daily job progress via email from where they are working, including the cost of resources spent, planned and gross profit made daily. Tracks delays as excusable/non-excusable to take complete control of project schedule. This can be helpful when it comes to handing clients’ liability or showing evidence in legal disputes.

Effective Project Management

Ezelog Construction Management Software can reduce inefficiencies in project delivery, delays, and unforeseen conditions that arise from inaccurate data. Daily production, labour, materials, equipment cost against each cost code helps to have real-time data of earned value management. Beautifully designed dashboards give the data of project cost & schedule performance, and earned value analysis with graphs and reports helps construction professionals to manage and control the project. With Complete project management, generating payment requisitions and certified payrolls helps many contractors.

Access To More Accurate Information

Construction companies often spend a lot of time and resources on data entry. Thanks to Ezelog Construction Management Software, this task has been greatly simplified. The ability to share information in real-time with the entire team - supervisors, forepersons, traders, suppliers, and subcontractors - helps keep projects on time by immediately revealing any issues that may delay construction progress and avoid significant delays. The management of construction operations has always involved a high level of coordination between the different contractors, subcontractors and suppliers.
Thanks to advances in technologies and the development of Ezelog Construction Management Software, companies can be more competitive, save time, reduce costs and improve workflow. Ezelog Construction Management Software is revolutionizing the construction industry, and their benefits range from more comprehensive job monitoring to streamlined reporting and overall better performance within the organization. Do you need applications for your construction company? Your questions, queries or comments can be sent to and you can visit our website You can download the free app on iOS/ Android. We’d love to hear from you!