Ezelogs Standard Package: Your Ultimate Construction Management Tool

When it comes to construction, every detail matters. Time management, field operations, safety measures - getting them right is essential. Introducing the Ezelogs Standard Package - where technology meets construction for unmatched operational efficiency.


What Ezelogs Standard Offers

  • Effortless Time Management

    Create and manage time sheets with ease, for both individuals and entire crews.

  • Daily Field Operations at Your Fingertips

    Streamline your daily field management tasks and stay on top of your projects.

  • Safety First

    Generate safety checklists, toolbox talk topics, and hold safety meetings efficiently. Safety doesn’t have to be cumbersome.

  • Language Diversity

    Catering to a diverse workforce, create toolbox topics in both Spanish and English.

  • Visual Assistance

    Our photo gallery and easy signature features ensure you capture every crucial moment and get the needed approvals swiftly.

  • Experience a World of Benefits
  • Intuitive Dashboard

    All your construction data in one glance.

  • Safety Protocols & Toolbox Talks

    Conduct toolbox meetings, create your own topics, and ensure everyone's safety.

  • Personalized Branding

    Integrate your brand's essence with custom branding options. Unlimited Projects Management: No limits, manage any number of projects with ease.

  • Subcontractor Integration

    Seamlessly give access to subcontractors and benefit from shared resources.

  • Resource Management

    From worker titles, materials, equipment, to trades and employees - manage resources efficiently.

  • Instant Notifications & Reports

    Stay informed with RFI logs, reminders, and easily download or email reports. Plus, data uploads and downloads in Excel ensure easy data transfers.

  • Free Job Portal Access

    Discover new opportunities and expand your horizon.

Don't get bogged down with cumbersome tools. Optimize your workflow and elevate your construction operations with the Ezelogs Standard Package. User-friendly, comprehensive, and tailored for your needs. Choose Ezelogs. Build Better.