Key Features

  • Any Number Of Projects: Seamlessly manage multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Data Management: Effortlessly upload or download data in Excel format.
  • Resources & Resources Management: Optimize and oversee your team and equipment.
  • Global Data Integration: Synchronize operations across different projects and locations.
  • Choose EzeLogs to streamline your field management processes and enhance your construction project's success.
  • Resource Planning & Scheduling

    EzeLogs ensures meticulous resource planning, aiding project managers in minimizing hiccups and optimizing results.

    • Cost Code and Crew Based Management: Maintain an organized structure for all resource allocations.
    • Gantt Chart & Scheduler: Visualize tasks and communicate effectively for timely task completion.
    • Management Capabilities: Seamlessly manage subcontractors, suppliers, and consultants.
  • Time Management

    EzeLogs provides a comprehensive timesheet software, allowing detailed time tracking for increased accountability and productivity

    • Timesheet Creation: Track labor hours and use geofencing for precise location tracking.
    • Field Conditions & Daily Checklists: Minimize waste and rework, ensuring efficiency with daily reporting capabilities.
    • Photo Gallery & Documentation: Document field conditions with photos and generate detailed reports.
  • Cost Performance Planned Vs Actual

    With EzeLogs, keep a close eye on planned costs vs. actuals, ensuring you're always on top of your financial game.

    • Performance Tracking: Detailed logs for performance and productivity tracking.
    • Cost Management Break down costs by labor, material, equipment, and subcontractors.
    • Profit Insights Real-time gross profit data for informed decision-making.
  • Schedule Performance Planned Vs Actual

    EzeLogs ensures real-time schedule tracking, ensuring no deviations from the plan.

    • Delay Tracking & Classification: Quickly identify and classify delays for immediate action.
    • Earned Value Management: Comprehensive tools for earned value analysis and management.
  • Safety Checklist

    EzeLogs emphasizes the importance of safety with daily checklists and toolbox talks to ensure a hazard-free job site.

    • Daily Safety Protocols: Utilize safety checklists and conduct toolbox meetings for safety reinforcement.
    • Incident Reporting: Maintain OSHA logs and generate JHA-Incident reports for comprehensive safety records.
  • Efficient Resource and Inventory Tracking
    • Equipment, Tools, and Material: Ensure all resources are accounted for and optimally utilized.
    • Labor Availability: Monitor and manage your workforce's schedule, ensuring project timelines are met.

At EzeLogs, our commitment is to provide state-of-the-art software solutions, ensuring your construction projects are efficient, profitable, and safe.