Resource Planning & Scheduling
Best resource planning & scheduling makes a project profitable

Meticulously planned resources on a planned schedule makes the project manager work easy. Any hiccups on project can minimize with right planning. Levelling of resources like labor, material, long lead items, equipment, subcontractor and consultants are possible with prior notification of plan to resources to minimize any shortage on any day. Manage tasks with Gantt chart and colander, closely watch cost and schedule against the planned.

Time Management
The best timesheet software to create timesheets

Use daily time sheet by creating project information, employees, trade, worker title , geofence location to create timecards in Web or Mobile timecardapp . The best project time tracking software has the following major features.

Field conditions- Daily Checklists
Daily checklists minimizes the wastage and rework.

Creating daily report based on non working day, working day, T & M working day, Time extension day and acceleration day helps to minimize any change order negotiation, recording work progressed, labor, materials, equipment’s used, record and respond on unsafe or poor quality conditions will help the contractor to improve project efficiency. Record site conditions with photos

Cost Performance- Planned Vs Actual
Compare Planned cost Vs. Actual helps to know gross profit made on daily basis.

It is very important to know cost codes planned, resources used and gross profit made on real time basis to improve project efficiency, minimize lost production, brainstorm to improve productivity with various options.

Schedule Performance- Planned Vs Actual
Track project schedule on real time basis helps to complete the project on time.

Track every day production and compare with planned helps to minimize any deviation base plan, be top on delays, notify delays to all project stake holder, classify delays as owner related or contractor related and submit the claim if any on time, track SPI, CPI, SV, CV of earned value analysis and earned value management.

Safety Checklist
Daily safety checklists and toolbox talks meeting helps the jobsite safe.

Make 100% safe the jobsite is the target, to ensure or prevent any accidents use custom daily safety checklists, notify responsible party of unsafe condition and conduct toolbox talks meetings.

Communication Management