Key Features

Comprehensive Estimation

  • Bid Resources/Leads Find the right opportunities with access to a vast database of bid resources and leads.
  • Qty. Take off- Integration Collaborate with quantity take-off tools for precise and rapid estimations.
  • Cost Estimating Generate detailed and accurate project cost breakdowns.
  • Crew based Cost Estimate Factor in crew costs to ensure comprehensive project budgeting.
  • Integrates to Gantt chart Visualize project timelines alongside costs for efficient scheduling and budgeting.
  • Export Estimate to Budget Seamlessly convert your estimates into actionable budgets.

Efficient Bid Management

  • Proposals Create and manage professional project proposals.
  • Quotes Offer detailed quotations to potential clients.
  • Bid Management Organize and oversee the entire bid process, ensuring you remain competitive and secure the right projects.
  • Comparing Quotes Evaluate various quotes effortlessly to ensure you're getting the best value.
  • Bidding Calendar Never miss a bidding opportunity with a dedicated calendar highlighting key dates.
  • Invoices Generate and manage project invoices with ease.

Whether you're a government agency, a private owner, an architect, an engineer, or any other stakeholder involved in the construction industry, EzeLogs offers a unified platform tailored to your needs. Our software ensures that from the project's inception to its bidding stage, every detail is addressed meticulously.