Copyright Policy

Copyrightable Works:

Under the federal copyright law, copyright subsists in "Construction Support Services" which have been coupled with blockchain technology to improve construction projects efficiency with the aid of ezelogs web portal, ios, and android app.

Scope of Copyright Protection:

Copyright protection does not extend to any idea, process, concept, discovery, or the like, but only to the work in which it may be embodied, illustrated, or explained. For example, In the construction industry technology is provided in the entire process of construction, from bidding, award, managing, payment, resources ( equipment, material, labor), employee hiring, Job costing, Safety & quality management payroll, equipment tracking & track hours, project completion and closeout.
Subject to various exceptions and limitations provided for in the copyright law, the copyright owner has the exclusive right to reproduce the work, prepare derivative works, distribute copies by sale or otherwise, and display or perform the work publicly. Ownership of copyright is distinct from the ownership of any material object in which the work may be embodied.

Works for Hire:

"Work for hire" is a legal term defined in the Copyright Act as "a work prepared by an employee within the scope of his or her employment." This definition includes works prepared by employees in satisfaction with sponsored agreements.